Sunday, 6 November 2011

many years ago my otherwold shamanic teacher told me one of the ways i would be taught was to watch nature ,
i have taken heed of this and spent a great deal of time  in natural world just being "aware " paying attention to what animals ,birds and insects were present and how they were behaving ,alongside this i realised it became necessary to become symbolically literate and learnt too listen to my intuition as to what i had witnessed in the dance of nature ,then backing this up with research on animal symbolism. i began to trust my first impressions more and more .some insights that are revealled to me have produced genuine eureka "aha" moments .some of which i document as haiku and return too again and again each time they reveal more and more, like an onion each skin revealing something new.
here is such an even that i witnessed while walking one day that became a haiku ,it produced an instant revelation but still it teaches me more and more each time i return too it ,

                                    " Black cat stalks....
                                     white butterfly ,strikes......
                                     and misses !"

                                                            j.h.b 2011