Sunday, 6 November 2011

many years ago my otherwold shamanic teacher told me one of the ways i would be taught was to watch nature ,
i have taken heed of this and spent a great deal of time  in natural world just being "aware " paying attention to what animals ,birds and insects were present and how they were behaving ,alongside this i realised it became necessary to become symbolically literate and learnt too listen to my intuition as to what i had witnessed in the dance of nature ,then backing this up with research on animal symbolism. i began to trust my first impressions more and more .some insights that are revealled to me have produced genuine eureka "aha" moments .some of which i document as haiku and return too again and again each time they reveal more and more, like an onion each skin revealing something new.
here is such an even that i witnessed while walking one day that became a haiku ,it produced an instant revelation but still it teaches me more and more each time i return too it ,

                                    " Black cat stalks....
                                     white butterfly ,strikes......
                                     and misses !"

                                                            j.h.b 2011

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dear reader ,
my name is James Harold Bardwell

i have been on the shamanic path for over eleven years now ,
i may call myself a shaman ,however i still feel like a novice and in the spirit of generosity and sharing i would like from time too time share my thoughts and experience  along the way ,exploring shamanism,philosophy,mysticism,and its relevance in contemporary life  so please read enjoy (hopefully) and i would love to have any feed back ,

"learn your theories well ,but lay them aside when you touch the reality of the human soul" 

Carl G Jung (1875-1961)

Following a recent shamanic journey which took place on the 21st of October in  local woods, i have been prompted to start this blog,the following account is a sincere record of what took place during the shamanic seance ,the only thing that has been changed is the name of my otherworldly shamanic teacher , i feel it would be unwise and disrespectful to leave his name unchanged  .

Shaman's Ascent -night flight

The fire glowing illuminates the woodland canopy ,embers fly heavenwards, as my eyes follow them up i can see the waxing moon and starry night sky, incense & earthy  smells fill my nostrils,woodland creatures stir in the night, roe deer bark ,owls hoot . sitting there waiting waiting and then just being ,relaxed, meditatively absorbed in the atmosphere of  this sacred place , the owls call  a signal from spirit i begin too shamanize.
with reverence and humility in my heart and soul i pick up the drum and bell , i begin too drum, throat singing a song too spirit and the elements,to all of nature and to the sun, the moon & the stars, calling to crow to accompany me on the journey to the otherworld .

As i continue to sing ,drumming all the while  rhythmic vibrations fill the air around me traveling through my body i feel the ordinary world slip away as i pierce the veil entering the otherworld, its shadowy, yet at the same time it has a certain luminescence which surrounds and permeates my spirit body.